The Fourteen 8000ers


Mount everest

Andrew made his first expedition to Mt Everest in the post-monsoon season of 1991 with a small Australian team attempting the mountain without auxiliary oxygen or Sherpa support. During the climb Andrew watched as one of his team mates was avalanched 1000 metres down the Lhotse face but despite this setback and the withdrawal of another team member, Andrew continued the climb.  more


Andrew first saw this mountain whilst leading a trek up the Baltoro glacier of the Karakorum ranges in Pakistan in 1990. He was so inspired that he determined to return and climb it. And in 1993 he did just that. more


In reaching this summit, Andrew completed a 17 year project to climb all the 8000ers. Though thought of as the easiest of the peaks, poor weather meant it took five attempts to succeed.  more