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2011 – let the games begin

Greetings, this is the first despatch from my 2011 expedition(s). Sitting in my hotel in Kathmandu before heading into Tibet later today or first thing tomorrow.

Big plans for this season; firstly a solo, oxygenless climb on the north side of Everest, then to Pakistan for a climb on Nanga Parbat. But I’ll worry about that one later.

Kathmandu is as manic as ever and the power cuts are 14 hours per day or more at the moment, making it hard to get much done and a whole lot worse for the locals to manage their lives. But life goes on nevertheless and the expedition is ready to proceed.

I hope to send out despatches every week or so and perhaps a little more often as the summit push approaches in mid to late May. Next one will be from basecamp.

Thanks for your interest and I shall try to keep these interesting.


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