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Planned & Past Public Presentations

Andrew Lock is the first and only Australian to summit all 14 of the world’s 8000m peaks.


There are currently no scheduled presentations.



SUMMIT 8000 – The Speaking Tour

Don’t miss your chance to meet Andrew and be inspired by his victories, the near-misses and the great tragedies. The intense human drama of the expeditions infuses the book and his presentations—sometimes funny, sometimes fierce and always fascinating stories about climbing rivalries and mountaineering politics. The remote and stunning landscapes and cultures which Andrew encounters on his journeys add rich texture to his tale. Ultimately, you will learn ‘why does he do it?’ Why does anyone take on such a challenge, knowing that they will likely die? You cannot help to be inspired by the achievements of just one man. Andrew has lived more adventure, hardship, near death and exhilarating life experiences than most people can ever imagine. Hearing his tales of climbing the world’s biggest mountains will arouse your inner adventurer to challenge your own perception of what you are capable of as an individual. Andrew’s presentations have been known to sell out in advance so be sure to get there early!


Makalu – Penultimate Peak

andrew-lock-public-speaker-mountaineering-annapurna flyer

Annapurna – Elusive killer

andrew lock mountain kanchenjunga public speaking flyer 2006



Manaslu & Lhotse

andrew lock mountaineer everest public speaker flyer 2006

Everest – not quite a highway

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