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Summit 8000 – Andrew Lock

A thrilling memoir of the spectacular high-altitude mountaineering achievements of Andrew Lock: the only Australian to have summited all fourteen 8000-metre peaks in the world, including Mount Everest—twice.

Here Andrew Lock gives us a gripping account of his death-defying ascents and explains his passion for climbing in small teams, or solo, without Sherpas or bottled oxygen. Andrew’s story is one of extraordinary passion, self-motivation, perseverance and resilience, as he leads us through his sixteen-year odyssey to achieve the Grand Slam of Himalayan mountaineering. We are taken through the victories, the near-misses and the great tragedies. The intense human drama of the expeditions infuses the book—sometimes funny, sometimes fierce and always fascinating stories about survival, climbing rivalries and mountaineering politics. The remote and stunning landscapes and cultures that Andrew encounters on his journeys add rich texture to his tale, culminating in his 2014 trip to Everest, where he was witness to the deadliest avalanche in the peak’s history.

Ultimately, we learn ‘why does he do it?’ Why does anyone take on such a challenge, knowing how easily they might be killed? Andrew’s story is both candid and inspiring.

Praise for Summit 8000

“I only started Andrew’s book yesterday and I haven’t been able to put it down. It is BRILLIANT. Honest, gritty and an incredible-I suspect unique-portrayal of the cutting edge high altitude climbing scene of the nineties into the present day as he describes his own odyssey that culminates in his ascent of all fourteen 8000-metre peaks.”
Sir Chris Bonington, mountaineer and author

“Andrew Lock has written a superb and very honest account of climbing all the 8000-metre summits and the connection he made with the Himalayan mountains, the Himalayan people and the Himalayan climbers he met along the way. In this book you will discover how, time and time again, a man can draw on his inner strength and also that he does not suffer fools gladly.”
Doug Scott CBE, mountaineer and author

“Excellent. Andrew Lock has ably demonstrated that true adventure is still to be found in the high altitude climbing arena, DESPITE current trends toward commercially tainted expeditions. But perhaps more notably, in the process of three gruelling decades climbing in the bleak, rarefied atmosphere of the 8000 meter peaks, he was able to find a clarity of vision that enriched his soul. This book is a must read for alpinists intent on seeking their own true nature at any altitude.”
Pat Morrow, first person to climb the Seven Summits Carstenz Pyramid Version

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