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Tibetan nomadBack in Kathmandu and taking advantage of refrigerators, and restaurants that don’t sell dal bhat!!

Had to put the idea of another summit attempt on ice too, as the winds didn’t abate sufficiently for my liking. That’s ok; at this stage of my climbing career I’m not about to be struck down by summit fever. And anyway the hill will be higher by the time I come back, so the view can only get better.

The expedition certainly wasn’t a waste though. It was fun to stretch the legs again and, being my first time on the north side of Everest, it was truly a revelation to see and experience the terrain that the “Mallory’ expeditions of the 1920’s endured. I was (and remain) stunned at what they achieved, irrespective of whether or not they made the summit. The route ascends mixed ground (ice, rock and snow) that at times can be precarious and very exposed, at extreme altitude in constant wind, requiring careful route finding. It was no simple high altitude walk for them. And all that in their hob nailed boots, tweed jackets and rudimentary oxygen sets. The boldness, tenacity and plain courage of all team

Tibetan nomad

members and support crew really was extraordinary.


So I am humbled to have trodden in their footsteps and greatly inspired to return just to see all of what they achieved. When and how that will be, we’ll see.

Thanks as always for your interest. Thanks to the locals for sharing their home with my expedition. And thanks to the

reason to return

great support crew.

And special thanks to my sponsors:

  • GORE-TEX┬«
  • Mountain Equipment (Sydney)
  • Trek and Travel (Sydney)
  • Spelean – Petzl
  • Mountain Hardwear

Oh yeah, thanks boss, for the time off. Now, about next year…


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